Love the Truth


Christ the Lord

During His life on earth Jesus was God in human form. He came in fulfillment of many O.T. prophecies. 2 Peter 1:19.

Details of His coming are given in Luke 1:26-35 Matt 1:18-23.

God sent His Son in the likeness of sinful man. Rom 8:3.

He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, Luke 1:26-35 Matt 1:18-23, and therefore He did not have our sinful nature and lived without sin. 1 Peter 2:22.

He came in order to:

The Deity of Christ

The deity of Christ is shown in the following passages:

The Word was GodJohn 1:1
His claimJohn 8:56-59 c.f. Exod 3:13,14
My Lord and my GodJohn 20:28
Mighty God Everlasting FatherIsaiah 9:6
The LORD our Righteousness
Jer 23:6
The First and the LastRev 1:17 Rev 22:13 Isaiah 44:6
To the Son He saysHeb 1:8-12 Psalm 45:6,7
The great God and SaviourTitus 2:13
God over allRom 9:5
True God and eternal life1 John 5:20 Jer 10:10
God with usMatt 1:23 Isaiah 7:14
The Holy OneActs 3:14 1 Sam 2:2
The Lord of the sabbathMatt 12:8 Gen 2:2,3
God and Saviour2 Peter 1:1
The CreatorCol 1:15,16
God was in Christ2 Cor 5:19
The fulness of the DeityCol 2:9