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Gospel Words We Should Know


To justify means simply to declare righteous and has the opposite meaning to condemnation. It is the declaration by God from His throne, that the believing sinner is righteous.

When a sinner believes in Jesus, God imputes to him the perfect righteousness which Christ has accomplished. This fully meets the requirements of God's law. Romans 3:31 Romans 8:3,4 God then declares the believing sinner to be righteous.

Believers do not have to wait for the next life to find out whether or not they are forgiven and have eternal life. They have God's verdict now Romans 5:1. It cannot be changed and stands for ever. Romans 8:33.

Justification brings peace with God, joy and hope. Romans 3:28 Romans 5:1 Romans 8:30 Galatians 3:24 Titus 3:7 Romans 5:9.

Foundations of the Faith


Born of the Spirit

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Becoming a Child of God

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The Baptism that Saves Us

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The Lord Our Righteousness

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